Military Veteran Rings Are Now Available for Order


As our country approaches the solemn gratitude of Memorial Day next month, we are proud to announce the availability Military Veteran Rings.

As the owner of our company, Ed Munnerlyn, explained in a page on the site, he was trying to find a ring that made a bold statement of his loyalty and service:

Everything that I found available was so overly decorated it was difficult to read even when looking at it up close. Being in the business of making and selling specialty products, we have designed a top quality sterling silver ring, simple and easy to read.

Simple gratitude and quiet recognition is the goal of the rings we offer. In addition to rings reflecting service in every branch of our armed services, we also offer rings highlighting service in various conflicts and special units. Finally, we have a simple ring for veterans.

These rings are made of fine sterling silver. The alloy is designed to stand up to the rigors of daily wear. With gentle cleaning, the ring will retain its beauty over time.

Each ring is priced at $243. We are receiving orders now. Rings are made to order, and will be received within 3–4 weeks.

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