Memorial Day 2014

On Memorial Day, we remember and honor those men and women who died while serving in the US Armed Forces.  It is also a special time to recognize the countless military veterans’ services and honor those who are currently serving in our military.  A lot of times the true meaning of this federal holiday is forgotten as many look at Memorial Day as the official start of summer.  And while this is indeed a beginning of a new season, it is our duty as Americans to reflect and commend those who died for our freedom.  It is because of our Veterans selfless devotion that we are able to enjoy this day with friends and family.

How do you honor military veterans?  Most Americans enjoy a good ol fashion BBQ surrounded by friends and family.  Others may be jumping in pools, lakes or oceans and drinking libations in the hot sun.  Or do you enjoy Memorial Day shopping full of limitless sales?  Some Americans visit burial sites of friends or loved ones or attend local Memorial Day parades and festivals.  However you choose to celebrate this holiday, please do take a moment to honor those who gave us this opportunity.

Being veteran owned, we here at Military Veteran Rings know that this day can bring both happy and heavy hearts.  To show your appreciation, this holiday may be a perfect opportunity for you to give a Memorial Day gift of military jewelry to a veteran, a deployed soldier or as a homecoming gift.   Our rings are a bold statement reflecting loyalty and service in every branch of our armed services.

Happy Memorial Day to all~

Featured Ring: VIETNAM

02-vietnam-sterling-silver-ringOur featured ring this month is the Vietnam ring. This sterling silver ring is a simple tribute to those who served in Vietnam.

The Vietnam War was a life-changing period of time for many, but few were affected as deeply as soldiers who served there. Ed Munnerlyn is a Vietnam veteran, and his service there forged life-long bonds of loyalty and honor.

Here is a link to a video at that serves as a tribute to the veterans who served in the Vietnam War:


Military Veteran Rings Are Now Available for Order


As our country approaches the solemn gratitude of Memorial Day next month, we are proud to announce the availability Military Veteran Rings.

As the owner of our company, Ed Munnerlyn, explained in a page on the site, he was trying to find a ring that made a bold statement of his loyalty and service:

Everything that I found available was so overly decorated it was difficult to read even when looking at it up close. Being in the business of making and selling specialty products, we have designed a top quality sterling silver ring, simple and easy to read.

Simple gratitude and quiet recognition is the goal of the rings we offer. In addition to rings reflecting service in every branch of our armed services, we also offer rings highlighting service in various conflicts and special units. Finally, we have a simple ring for veterans.

These rings are made of fine sterling silver. The alloy is designed to stand up to the rigors of daily wear. With gentle cleaning, the ring will retain its beauty over time.

Each ring is priced at $243. We are receiving orders now. Rings are made to order, and will be received within 3–4 weeks.

Combating Veteran Unemployment job opportunities for veterans

This piece from Fox News Radio highlights one of the biggest challenges facing veterans: finding work.

Respect for the service and sacrifice of veterans is woven into the fabric of our veteran-owned company. We think a quality token like the rings we offer is a meaningful way to honor veterans. But helping veterans find work is another huge challenge we want to help overcome.

If you are a business owner or employer, what success stories have you seen from veterans in your organization? Leave your response in a comment below.